Commonly Asked Questions

Can I put rocks across my lawn to keep cars off of my grass?

Sometimes residents place rocks along the roadway in front of their homes to keep vehicles off their lawns. This is done primarily on residential streets that dont have curbs.

These rocks can be real safety hazards. If a vehicle leaves the roadway, rocks won't stop these out-of-control vehiclesm just damage them and possibly injure the occupants. A rock could be hit by a vehicle and become an uncontrollable missle, possibly injuring residents. Pedestrians, including children, can trip on rocks and possibly fall into the street.

This area is usually not private property; it is within the public right-of-way. The property line is usually between 17 and 20 feet from the roadway.

Property owners should review their plans with the city before anything is put in or neat the public right-of-way.

Children at Play Signs

At first consideration, it might seem that this sign would provide protection for youngsters playing in a neighborhood;  it doesn't.
Studies conducted in cities where such signs were widely posted in residential areas show no evidence of having reduced pedestrian crashes, vehicles' speeds or legal liability.  In fact, many types of signs which were installed to warn of normal conditions in residential areas failed to achieve the desired safety benefits.  Further, if signs encourage parents to believe that children have an added degree of protection - which the signs do not and cannot provide - a great disservice results.
Obviously, children should not be encouraged to play in the roadway.  The "Children at Play" sign is a direct and open suggestion that it is acceptable to do so.  Technically, it is lillegal for children to play in the street.
"Children at Play" signs do not fulfill a need, because children should not be playing in the street, and do not convey a clear, simple message, other than implying to the children that is acceptable to play in the street.


Some of the more common parking complaints we respond to are:

1.  48 hour- No vehicle can park on any City street for more than 48 hours, without being moved.

2.  Sidewalks- Do not block driveways of others, or any sidewalks.

3.  Stored vehicle- Vehicles parked in rear yards must have current tags, and be in running condition.

4.  For Sale- No vehicles are permitted on City property with a sale sign.