The City Commission plans to establish a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to assist in the development of a 2014-15 budget and, in the course of that development, to explore whether the Commission should place a revised Headlee override request on an upcoming ballot for a vote of the people.  Plans call for the Committee to be comprised of 15 resident members selected by the City Commission. The CAC will examine the City's current fiscal position and revenue sources, past cost-cutting efforts, future spending needs, and revenue and expense trends to determine if a Headlee override is necessary. If the CAC finds that a revised Headlee override request is warranted, it will offer a recommendation as to how much of an increase is warranted.  If the CAC finds that a Headlee override is not needed at this time, it will offer suggestions on services that may need to be adjusted.  The committee, to be announced at the February 11 Commission meeting, will require attendance at 4-5 meetings between the months of late February and June. These meeting are expected to last between 2 - 4 hours each, and may necessitate attendance at Saturday sessions.  To be eligible to serve on the committee you must be a registered voter of the City of Pleasant Ridge and a resident for a minimum of 1 year.   Last day to apply is February 3, 2014.  Web site terms & conditions.

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