Public Works Services

Department of Public Works Coordinator - Tim Schultz

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (248) 541-2901

The DPW Coordinator manages and conducts the operations of the City’s public works function. The DPW Coordinator provides day-to-day public works services in the City and manages contractual services relationships to fulfill the City’s public works function. Responsibilities include supervising and participating in the activities of the department, staying current of pertinent statutes and regulations, and developing recommendations for the efficient and effective operations of all public works functions.

The DPW coordinator is responsible for general grounds maintenance, water and sewer operations, street maintenance, and facilities maintenance.

Leaf Pickup - 2016

Leaf Collection Zone Map

The City will be using a zone system for leaf pickup this year. There will be 5 zones, and leaves will be collected from each zone at least 3 times. At the beginning of each week certain zones will be scheduled for pickup. If all leaves are picked up from the scheduled zones before the end of the week, our contractor may move on to pick up leaves from other zones in the City. Don't worry that you will miss a leaf pickup if that happens - the contractors will be back the next week to pick up the scheduled zones.

This space will be updated to indicate which zone is currently being picked up. It is very likely that fall weather will intervene and require adjustments to the schedule at some point during leaf pickup. If that is the case, any updates or changes to the schedule will be posted here.

Zone 1: Maplefield, Oakdale, Woodside Park, Kenberton, Millington, Poplar Park
Zone 2: Kensington, Devonshire, Wellesley, Amherst, Indiana (N of Amherst)
Zone 3: Elm Park, Norwich, Oakland Park, Hanover
Zone 4: Maywood, Sylvan, Fairwood, Woodward Heights, Bermuda, Indiana (S of Amherst)
Zone 5: Oxford, Cambridge, Ridge
Week of October 31: Zones 1, 2 & 3
Week of November 7: Zones 4 & 5
Week of November 14: Zones 1, 2 & 3
Week of November 21: Zones 4 & 5
Week of November 28: Pickup for all zones


Recycling Information

Recycling bins are available by contacting City Hall at 248-541-2901
there is a $10 fee for all extra bins.

For more recycling information visit:

Trash Pick Up and Holidays

2017 Garbage/Recycling Collection Schedule

Pleasant Ridge has trash and recycling pickups on Monday. When a major holiday falls within a week the pickup day is moved to Tuesday.

Leaves and yard debris

Plastic garbage bags are NOT acceptable for collection of leaves. SOCRRA will accept yard waste or bundled branches “off season” from communities at any time of the year (mid-December thru mid-April).    The City does NOT collect compost, yard waste or bundled branches after before April 15, 2016. Residents will have to drop compost off at SOCRRA themselves. Call SOCRRA at 248-288-5150.


Only soft yard waste such as grass, leaves, flowers, weeds, potting soil and garden vegetables/fruit will be collected.  Yard waste may be placed in no larger than 35-gallon capacity garbage can with an appropriate  "compost" sticker on it, or it may be placed in a (30) gallon kraft paper bag.  Sticks, twigs, brush or branches will not be collected as yard waste.


Residential garbage is collected weekly on Friday in the City of Pleasant Ridge. All garbage must be securely wrapped and placed in approved garbage receptacles not exceeding thirty five (35) gallon size. Containers must be placed at the berme area, at the curb, in front of your house between 6:00 pm. the day before pick-up and 7:00 am. the day of collection. Please do not place containers in the street.

Appliances such as washers, dryers, hot water tanks and furniture must be placed near the curb before 7:00 am. the day of collection. Appliance doors must be removed before placing outside.

Firewood and logs will not be collected. Brush will be collected in the following manner.

Brush is defined as one inch (1") or less in diameter. Brush, slim tree branches, bush branches with needles or thorns such as rose bushes, shrubs, vines and hedge-type bushes must be cut into four-foot (4') or less length, tied abd bundled. Weight must not exceed sixty (60) pounds. This will be collected with the regular garbage pickup.

Unbundled Brush Pick-Up

Larger branches, 1" to 4" in diameter, will be collected by the City on the Third Tuesday of each month. Branches 1" to 4" in diameter and between 4 feet and 10 feet in length must be placed at resident's curb with butt ends facing the direction vehicles travel. Branches larger than 4" diameter, or logs, must be cut into no more than four-foot (4') lengths and placed at the street curb. Tree stumps must be removed from the tree, free of dirt and roots and placed at the curb.

If a contractor or homeowner cuts down a tree, the contractor or homeowner must make arrangements to remove the debris from the property. IT WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

Should you have any questions on loose brush pickup, please contact City Hall at 248-541-2901.

Salt Delivery

The City delivers salt to residents on the third Tuesday of the month from October through April. Residents may place up to a 5-gallon bucket at the foot of their driveway and the City will fill it. Please do not place buckets out on Monday, because there is a good chance that the bucket will be taken with garbage/recycling pickup.

City Sidewalk Snow Clearing

Public works employees prioritize street clearing first, sidewalks along Woodward Avenue second, and sidewalks through the parks third.

It is the City's policy that sidewalks adjacent to public property will be cleared within 48 hours of a snow event. This schedule is feasible for most snow events with the public works manpower we possess. Residents are responsible for clearing their sidewalks in the same time period, and the City begins enforcement of private sidewalk clearing 48 hours after a snow event.