The City of Pleasant Ridge is known for its historic homes, tree-lined streets and active citizens who dedicate their time for the betterment of the community. Our long tradition of community pride is reflected in our beautiful parks along Woodward Avenue and our pristine neighborhoods. Many of the houses in Pleasant Ridge are part of a nationally-recognized historic district, and all the homes reflect the care and attention, which assures that Pleasant Ridge will remain a beautiful community for generations to come. A strong sense of community, dedication to historic preservation and ideal location makes Pleasant Ridge the perfect city for all ages, interests and lifestyles.


Watch the Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Watch Meeting Here



New City DPW Coordinator

The City has recently hired a new employee - Tim Schultz. Tim is the City's new DPW coordinator with responsibility for overseeing the City's public works function. In the past, Brilar has provided the City with a full-time foreman who oversaw public works. Tim is replacing the Brilar foreman. The purpose for this change was to improve service delivery for our residents by bringing responsibility for DPW management under a City employee. Brilar will continue to be our primary DPW contractor providing lawn maintenance, snow plowing, leaf pickup, loose brush pickup, and other services as needed under the direction of our DPW coordinator.

Residents should not see a change in how DPW services are delivered, with the exception that you'll now see a white pickup truck with Pleasant Ridge logos driving around town instead of a Brilar pickup.

If you see Tim around town, feel free to introduce yourself and welcome him to the Pleasant Ridge team.


Street Repair Program Notification

We will be doing concrete repair work on our local streets during the end of August and through the middle of September. The concrete repair work will be completed in areas where joints on the concrete slab have started to degrade. All sections to be repaired have been marked with pink paint.

Street Closures. The contractor will be making every effort to keep streets open while the repair work is proceeding, but in some instances street closures may be necessary. The contractor will communicate with residents who may be impacted by the work.

Do Not Move or Drive Through Barrels. If you see barrels or barricades around town, please respect them. Concrete takes up to 7 days to cure, and it is important to not drive on it while it is curing to ensure that it will set up properly and last for decades to come. Driving on it prematurely will shorten its lifespan and lead to problems with the quality and integrity of the concrete in a few short years.

Small Damaged Areas for Future Repair. Please note that some small areas where the concrete has started to crumble will not be repaired at this time due to funding limitations. We will continue to monitor these sections and to apply asphalt patches where necessary, and will replace any sections that continue to decay during our next concrete repair program in a few years.

Location of Work. Also note that the concrete work will be occurring on the west side of Woodward, where the large majority of damaged concrete sections exist. Streets on the east side do not show the same damage as streets on the west side, with the exception of Kensington. We will address Kensington the next time we undertake concrete repairs.

concrete repair location map

example of marked area to be repaired


Meetings, Agendas & Public Hearings




2015 Consumers Annual Report on Water Quality 

Meeting Agendas

City Commission, Second Tuesday of the month
September 28, 2016 City Commission/Recreation Commission Workshop
Special City Commission Meeting,
September 28, 2016  -  7:30pm

Historical Commission,
First Wednesday of the month

 Planning Commission/DDA,
4th Monday of the Month

 Recreation Commission,
Last Wednesday of the Month



Information & News

Gainsboro Park Plan Info 

Garbage/Recycling Pickup Information

Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) Study

ERU Overview Presentation

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map

Exterior Design Standards

Utility Bill Fact Sheet

2015-2016 City Budget

2016-2017 City Budget

Report Streetlight Outages Here

City Code of Ordinances



Programs & Special Events


August 20-September 5

Noon-8 p.m.  (Everyday)

2016 Community Center Classes Guide



Carbon Monoxide Safety

We were saddened by the recent loss of one of our residents to carbon monoxide poisoning due to malfunctioning heating equipment in the house. We urge all of our residents to review this Carbon Monoxide Safety Fact Sheet and to ensure that you have all of the recommended warning, detection, and preventative maintenance measures in place to keep you and your family safe to avoid any further tragedies of this type.  

 Phone Numbers for City Offices

Police: 248-541-2900 (available 24/7)

City Hall: 248-541-2901

Community Center: 248-541-2902